Our Story

In 1981, the present and future need for a Water Treatment Plant was identified for the Springbank Area. As such, Calalta Waterworks Ltd. was established to compliment the operations of Calaway Park and construction began on a 10” waterline from the Elbow River to Calaway Park along Range Road 33.

Calalta Waterworks’ initial water treatment plant was designed for the operation of Calaway Park and to provide safe drinking water to the local schools, community center, and area community. In 2007, Alberta Environment requested all rural utilities be upgraded to a new standard, and Calalta Waterworks surpassed the challenge. In addition, a half a million gallon treated water reservoir was built in 2010.

Springbank Park for All Seasons, the Edge School, businesses in Commercial Court, the Springbank Elementary, Middle and High Schools, are among the continued customers to the water treatment plant.

In 2015, Calalta Waterworks commissioned a state-of-the-art ultra membrane filtration plant with UV treatment and in 2020 negotiated a Franchise Agreement with Rocky View County. The plant continues to exceed the drinking water quality guidelines set forth by Alberta Environment. The plant is recognized by government agencies, Rocky View County and experts in the field to be one of the top water treatment facilities in Alberta.

Calalta Waterworks’ Franchise Agreement is for exclusive distribution and water utility rights within the area. Calalta is able to provide drinking water services to communities and users outside of its franchise area with the agreement of governing authorities.

Springbank area

Who We Service

Calalta Waterworks Current Customers:

Calalta Waterworks Ltd has serviced the community for the over 40 years and is well positioned to serve the community for the years to come.

Current clients include Rocky View School Division, Springbank Park for All Seasons, Springbank Heritage Club, Edge School, West View Estates, Calaway Park, Commercial Court with its many businesses, and in the near future, Bingham Development.

Contact Us

Mailing Address: 245033 Range Rd 33, Calgary, AB, T3Z 2E9

General Inquiries, Development: 

Ken Dixon – Vice President
Email: ken.dixon@calaltawaterworks.com

Account Management:

Paul Seo – Director of Finance
Ph: 403-685-6113
Email: info@calaltawaterworks.com

Billing and Payment:

Skyler Wedemire – Accounting Assistant
Ph: 403-685-6109
Email: info@calaltawaterworks.com

Emergencies, Maintenance, and Operation:
Michael Ramsay – Director of Maintenance and Facilities
Ph: 403-685-6126 or 403-651-3576 (cell)
Email: info@calaltawaterworks.com
General Management:
Bob Williams – General Manager
Ph: 403-685-6102
Email: info@calaltawaterworks.com

Calalta Amusements and Calalta Waterworks continue to be 100% owned and operated, for over 40 years by a long-standing Calgary Family. Calalta has contracted a well-established and experienced third-party operator consisting of multiple employees at or above the highest certification level for operating the treatment and distribution systems. This third-party involvement provides transparency and accountability to ensure the plant continues to operate and provide safe, pure drinking water. Calalta has on-site 24/7 security and access to a full-time staff of plumbers, machinists, electricians, and accountants shared with Calaway Park.

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